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Executive Search Consultants Corporation was established with the intention of serving companies with complete integrity, dedication and the quality of excellence our staff is known to produce. We are a national full service firm and thoroughly dependable in filling the needs of our client base. We enjoy strong client relationships, offering high quality results, in a timely fashion. In our search for qualified candidates, we utilize an organized comprehensive approach to bring an assignment to its successful conclusion.

It is important that the consultant have a thorough understanding and adequate knowledge of the  client's business, and the attributes required of the addition to staff. The client relays information to the consultant about the position and the responsibilities and benefits so that the consultant is fully prepared for the questions the prospective candidate may ask. In this regard, the consultant and client work together as a team, bringing forth together the best available candidates for the position. A meeting in the conference room or at the client's offices are often exercised, enabling the discussion of the company and the consultant's process and progress of the search. Beyond this, we believe in strong relationships bonding the consultant and client and bringing about a greater level of understanding and trust. Chemistry is primary in successful completion of any given search. The consultant must know his client well enough to select the correct candidate that would be well suited for the client's work environment.